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Dead Air Ep 90 – Pulse (Kairo)

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Be careful what you “click” for! Pop in your floppies and log on to episode 90 of the Dead Air Podcast! Wes and Lydia enter the forbidden room with 2001’s J-horror classic; Pulse.

Two stories taking place in Japan simultaneously depict an odd set of occurrences where a member of a group of friends kills himself for no reason. Stranger still there is evidence of people logging on to this new-fangled thing called the internet that reveals a strange feed of various people looking depressed and erratic on webcams.

Soon it becomes obvious that the once bustling streets of Japan are becoming vacant and in the place of people there are only ashy black stains. The two tales converge when Michi and Ryo appear to be the only two people left in Japan and maybe even, the world!

Dead Air Ep 89 – Dark Water

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Let’s get soaking wet! On today’s episode of the Dead Air Podcast Wes and Lydia immerse themselves in the 2002 film; Dark Water.

Yoshimi is a single mother going through a nasty divorce where she is forced to face off against her unscrupulous ex-husband over the custody of their young daughter, Iku.

Between custody hearings, finding a new job and starting Iku at a new kindergarten, it’s clear that Yoshimi has enough on her plate, not to mention she’s just rented a new apartment.

After her and Iku settle in problems arise. Beyond just the intense humidity, the water tastes funny and occasionally has hair in it! Not to mention there is an increasingly expanding leak in her bedroom ceiling.

Stranger still amidst one of her daughters uncharacteristic disappearances, Iku seems to have acquired a strange red bag that Yoshimi cannot seem to get rid of. With the building staff completely unwilling to help and increasingly strange events occurring at the property, Yoshimi takes matters in to her own hands and uncovers a horrific story of negligence, innocence and loneliness.

Also, Wes talks all about the master of the wet willies; Hideo Nakata as well as the J-horror boom of the early 2000’s. Lydia gets real and talks about the disturbing case of Elisa Lam.