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Dead Air ep 50 – Candyman

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We like to kick – streeeeeeetch – AND KICK we’re 50! We hit this milestone in style with the Clive Barker Adapted Candyman. A grad student Helen is writing her thesis on urban legends and comes across a story about a ghostly figure with a hook for a hand that is known only as “Candyman” A vengeful legend born of a terrible tragedy that can be summoned to kill if only you dare to say his name five times, but, these are only stories right? As Helen gets closer to the truth people start dying and she loses her grip on time and reality itself. Has she gone insane or is something far more sinister at work?

This film holds a special place in Wes’ heart and you’ll hear all about it during the episode. Also, we dive deep in to our hosts past which is apparently filled with unsolved mysteries, irrational fears and something Lydia calls the “Skat Shack.” It’s an epic double stuffed episode that is sure to leave you wanting more! Raise your glasses, kids and cheers to another 50!

Dead Air ep 49 – The Prowler

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Sharpen your knife and strap on your combat boots because in episode 49 of Dead Air; Wes and Lydia dish out a review of 1981’s The Prowler with military precision. In 1945 the war weary world was settling back down and men and women were returning home. What should have been a time of celebration turns to bloody murder. Now, decades later the killings start again by a man clad in WWII military gear. Special effects master Tom Savini is on full display in a movie that he considers is his best work.

Dead Air Ep 48 – Maniac Cop

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You have the right to remain silent…forever. In episode 48 of The Dead Air Podcast Wes and Lydia wave that right and talk about what many consider to be the last of the great 80’s New York based slashers. On the mean streets of New York city life is cheap and a rash of murders is as common as seeing the Statue of Liberty itself. However, even in the city that never sleeps a killer over six feet tall dressed as a cop tends to grab attention. The citizens of New York are terrified of the wrong arm of the law and it’s up to Jack and Theresa to clear their names and stop this Maniac Cop before he kills again. It’s an all out war in the dirty rotten apple! Also, Lydia shares with us the horrors of working in the hotel industry.

Dead Air Ep 47 – Condemned

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Coming hard on episode 47 of Dead Air. In this episode Wes and Lydia discuss the recent movie Condemned. A film strangely absent from horror outlets but all over mainstream media. A rich girl finds her way to her boyfriend’s place in New York after she can no longer take the problems she faces at home. Little does she know that her man is squatting in a condemned building with a strange assortment of other people from the wrong side of the tracks. They become locked in against their will and must fight to escape as each one of their former roommates succumbs to a mysterious and violent infection.