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Dead Air Ep 105 – Train to Busan

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Attention passengers! Due to an unexpected zombie apocalypse we will now be making a nonstop trip to episode 105 of Dead Air! In it we talk about the 2016 mega hit Train to Busan!

Seok-woo is a workaholic with a young daughter named Soo-an. On her birthday she wants nothing more than to visit her mother in Busan. With Seok-woo reluctantly in tow it’s about to be the most intense ride of their loves. A zombie outbreaks gives us a teaming mass of fast and relentless undead. With the population of Korea being quickly converted and the military seemingly unable to stop it. The train to Busan could very well be the last safe place on earth! Except the infection is aboard and the passengers are succumbing car by car. Can Seok-woo and Soo-an make it to Busan? Even if they do, what will be left of it when they arrive? Find out, now!


Panels of Blood Ep 13: Tales from the Crypt – Last Respects!

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Panels of Blood returns to the Pre-code era of comics with more of EC’s Tales from the Crypt. This time stirred to perfection in the Witches Cauldron! A twisted story with an ending you won’t soon forget! Plus Wes dishes on the history of the Old Witch and the GhoulLunatics! It all starts…NOW!

Panels of Blood Ep 12: Mars Attacks! Pt 5

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It’s time for the thrilling conclusion of Mars Attacks! Attack from Space!

Zar has waited decades to enact his revenge against the humans who have been killing his people for hundreds of years, but small pockets of human resistance and a humiliating oversight on his part causes his rage to hit a fever pitch. He will win this war at all costs. Can U.S. senator and war hero; Buck Spencer along with the master of mutant fleas, Sidney Rose, and the Ancient Aztec Warrior; Xiuhcoatl, stop the mad General before he reduces earth to space dust? Find out – now!

Dead Air Ep 104 – Rabid

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Episode 104 of the Dead Air Podcast is a time to celebrate! We finally go head to head with David Cronenberg as we discuss the 1977 film, Rabid!

Rose and her Boyfriend Hart are enjoying a scenic Motorcycle ride when tragedy strikes, and they’re victims to a gruesome crash. Hart manages only a few injuries but Rose is unconscious and in need of serious treatment. A bit of luck finds them at a nearby clinic that specializes in plastic surgery and after a majorly experimental procedure, the beautiful Rose, seems to be out of the woods.

Soon she awakes with unexplained desires for human blood and an even stranger mutation. Oh yes, every Rose has its thorn! And this new appendage spreads a deadly infection that drives people to become rabid killers!

As Rose and her victims in turn spread the disease, is there anything that can stop the deadly violence of the Rabid? Will Hart finally find a pulse and do something in the picture? It starts now!