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Panels of Blood Ep 1: Vampirella Pt 1 – Feast of Shadows

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Episode 1 of Panels of Blood takes you on an oral journey through the pages of the 2014 Nancy Collins run of VAMPIRELLA. Enjoy, like comment and share.

Big thanks to Chris Bugarin for the new art and Rick Hunter for composing the new theme music. You can find his stuff here
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Dead Air Ep 97 – Orphan

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If you want today’s episode of Dead Air to be coming home with you you’ll need a thorough background check! Episode 97 of DEAD AIR has tied some ribbons in its hair and put on its Sunday best just to bring you the 2009 film; Orphan.

After the tragic loss of their third child during pregnancy, John and Kate Coleman are ready to open their hearts and home to a new member of the family. A trip to the orphanage sees young, sweet Esther join the brood. Esther is articulate, intelligent and a wonderful artist. So polite. She hits it off with everyone right away.

You’d never know that it seems where ever the young lady goes tragedy and misfortune soon follow. When Kate realizes that there is something sorely wrong with Esther, she seems to be the only one that sees it. Slowly this once happy home tears itself apart as they contend with a little girl that is far from what she seems. Knives will be pulled, Hammers will be swung! Blood will flow! It all starts now!

Dead Air Ep 96 – The Conjuring 2

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It’s time to conjure up episode 96 of the Dead Air Podcast as we tackle the fan requested film: The Conjuring 2.

Oh it’s paranormal pandemonium as the Warren’s investigate the curious case of the Enfield haunting. A seemingly ordinary London family is plagued by a grumpy grampa that’s hellbent on keeping his home for himself despite the fact he’s been dead for years. Meanwhile, the house also is home to a crooked man that goes bump in the night with a broken bumbershoot.

The family is at its wits end and fear for their very lives. Enter: the Warrens. Ed and Lorraine have just been to the edge of hell with the dreaded Amityville case that has them meeting a nasty nefarious nun. An entity with a fearsome warning to the holy couple. But, what is the connection between this pious poltergeist and the Enfield haunting?

Dead Air Ep 95 – Lights Out

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Somebody hit the lights! Wes and Lydia tackle a fan requested film in the form of the 2016 horror hit; Lights Out.

Rebecca has growing concerns as her younger brother Martin seems to be unable to stay awake in class. Moreover, he seems absolutely resolute about no longer staying with their mother, Sophie, in her home. He speaks of Diana, a name Rebecca also remembers from her own childhood.

Poor Diana only wants a friend. Unfortunately Sophie seems to fit the bill. Not only is Diana a creepy presence with a phobia of photons, she has razor sharp claws, superhuman strength and one bad attitude.

It seems their mother never lost a playmate from her own troubled youth and as they try to free her from Diana’s vice like grip, the shadowy presence becomes increasingly violent. Bloody will flow, eyes will be gouged and bodies will pile up. All in the name of friendship, and family.