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Dead Air ep 62: The Stuff

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Enough is never enough of The Stuff! We hope you’re hungry because we’re serving up a big ol’ bowl of Dead Air! This week it’s a fan requested film in the form of the 1985 killer junk-food movie; The Stuff! A seemingly irresistible new food product has hit the streets all across America and while some people seem content to wolf it down in huge quantities others are noticing that fans of this freaky foodstuff are acting as if under the control of something sinister. Certain people see through the shiny 80’s ad campaigns and start questioning just what is in The Stuff? It would appear to be a seamless mesh of horror, action and comedy that won’t add to your waistline!

Dead Air Ep 61 – Demons

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Coming at you Fast As A Shark! No need for formal wear cause this ain’t no White Wedding! Oh no it’s a sneak preview of the latest and greatest episode of DEAD AIR. This week we rip our tickets and head to the theater where the floors are sticky with puss, bile and effluence, We tackle the classic 80’s Italian splatterfest; Demons! Horror juggernauts Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava deliver an unforgettable night at the movies! Also, Wes and Lydia lament theater etiquette.

Dead Air Ep 60 – Cabin Fever (Bad Audio)

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WARNING WARNING: We have some bad audio in this episode. Not sure what happened but we figured it was better to give you a shitty sounding episode over no episode. Forgive us! We make up for it by talking all about the 2002 infection splatterfest Cabin Fever. A group of recent college grads head up to a cabin to enjoy a week of sex, drinking and fun but an encounter with a very sick local wondering in the woods exposes them to an aggressive infection that eats them from the inside out. Can any of them escape back to civilization before time runs out? Also we talk extensively about Lydia’s upcoming projects.

Dead Air Ep 59 – Wrestlemaniac

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Introducing first – from Ottawa Canada: Wes and Lydia! Their opponent from “Parts Unknown” The 2006 film Wrestlemaniac! Here in the historic Dead Air Arena we bring you HELL IN THE CELLULOID. A movie about what is essentially an immortal Frankenstein Luchador composed of the bodies of three of Mexico’s greatest wrestlers. Built by the Mexican government to one day win the summer Olympics against their bitter Russian rivals this Lucha went mad and became a cold blooded killer. Now he stalks a ghost town where a group of unsuspecting porn producers are getting ready to film their latest salacious epic. Lydia is having a good time while Wes just isn’t having any of it.