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The Dead Air Podcast was originally supposed to be a small five minute section within a larger show that was to be hosted by our mutual friend and former Rue Morgue Radio host/ producer; Tomb Dragomir. After I made the pilot, I realized that a segment where I talked by myself, sucked. I contacted Lydia and we started to make small segments for Tomb’s show. After about a year of waiting for a very busy Tomb we decided to take matters in to our own hands and launch Dead Air as its own show. Each week we sit down and discuss a horror movie that is either requested by you guys or from our own personal collections.

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The Hosts

Wes “Dead Air” Knipe

Dead Air Wes Promo 2.jpgWes Knipe was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. It was discovered at any early age that he was not only an insufferable chatterbox, but he also decided to make horror movies and comic books the subject of everything he was saying. While he was a pretty lousy student in regards to traditional schooling, Wes excelled at learning about the history of cinema with an emphasis on horror and reads as much on the subject as he can. It wasn’t much of a surprise to any that knew him that he would one day get his degree in broadcasting at Alqonquin College. After a brief stint in radio he would go on to work in the audio-visual industry. While working his day job he would moonlight as one of those internet bloggers, founding splatterpictures.net and writing for Horrormovies.ca under the name “Dead Air”  until a miraculous turn of events made him fall ass-backwards in to writing comic books. Comic books like; Oloras and Princeless. Now, he combines his  radio degree, incessant talking and passion for horror as one-half of the Dead Air Podcast!




Dead Air Lydia Promo 2.jpgLydia Peever grew up in the wilds of Northern Ontario. After a harrowing escape and bunk stint as a Graphic Designer, she went on to study Journalism in Ottawa. The author of several short stories and a novel or two, she has had articles in many publications; from features in Xalt Magazine, to a crime sidebar and an editorial in the Ottawa Citizen. Many of her aggregate articles appeared in entertainment guides across North America mostly covering horror television series when she was lucky. A big fan of horror music, podcasting, books and film, anywhere there is blood you will probably find her lurking somewhere in the corner. Like the New Release corner of the Horror Writers Association website where she curates titles that are coming soon. Find her at nightface.ca, on her little horror literature youtube show ‘typicalbooks’ and next door to Dead Air with Dead Cells, a horror anime micro-podcast.





Splatterpictures is a blog that I started for one purpose: To celebrate and showcase horror movies from all eras. Its name comes from two sources. the first source was my movie review show in college called “Talking Pictures” and secondly in honour of my favourite childhood horror game “Splatterhouse.”

It started as a simple blog. I would watch horror. Either films I always loved or ones I was just discovering. I would invite my readers along this journey with me. Then suddenly it all changed.

I became increasingly busy with comics. My good friend and champion writer Scott jumped in with “Scott’s horror corner” and then as I took back over I found that perhaps what I needed was a format change. I contacted my good friend Lydia and The Dead Air podcast was born.

6 Responses to “About Splatterpictures Dead Air podcast…”

  1. Hey,
    Been listening to the show for a little while. I like it. My suggestions for review
    Hell Night (Linda Blair)
    Return of the Living Dead
    Nightmares (finally on Blu-Ray by Shout Factory)
    The Willies (Sean Astin,Clu Gallagher)
    Goodnight Mommy
    The Stuff
    Night of the Demons (original and remake comparisons)
    Also, if you have an audio promo, I’ll gladly play it on my oen podcast.

    • Thanks so much for the suggestion. The funny thing is after all this time it never occurred to us to make a promo. Well, we shall fix that! By the way, nice suggestions. We’ll take a look at our request list and try to get at least one of your suggestions in there. Cheers, and thanks so much for listening!

  2. Really enjoy this site — great to catch the flick and follow up with some auditory spooning in the form of your latest ep. This is the home of “Yes, I’m not crazy — someone else noticed that too!”or even better yet, the things you guys notice that went right over my novice head. Thanks for the horror of it all! Will continue listening — wait, what was that noise?…better go investigate

  3. Wes, thanks for featuring my music on your new Panels of Blood podcast! Also, I’d like to suggest as a future topic of your Dead Air podcast to discuss James Wan’s film “Dead Silence”, one of my personal favorites and I think is both creepy and fun, and quite under-rated.

    • Hey Rick! Thanks so much for letting me use your music. You’re truly talented. I love it! As for Dead Silence, I say absolutely. We will add it to our request list. Thanks so much for listening!

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