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Dead Air Ep 46 – Repulsion

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In episode 46 we get deadly serious and class the place up a little as we talk about the 1965 Roman Polanski film, Repulsion. The first in what would be dubbed the “Apartment Trilogy” which includes 1968’s Rosemary’s Baby and 1976’s The Tenant. Polanski takes us through a quiet and subtle journey through two weeks of a woman’s life. For many in Carol’s life she just seemed quiet and perhaps a little detached. They could never understand the burning psychological trouble she faced on a daily basis. A world she finds so terrifying and repulsive that she eventually feels backed in to a corner and when it comes to fight or flight, Carol decides to fight! Also Wes and Lydia bare their souls to you, the listening audience as they discuss personal issues that can make traversing everyday life a little tricky.

Dead Air Ep 45 – The Slumber Party Massacre

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It’s time to get in to your Jam-Jams as we continue to wade through the slasher boom of the late 70’s – 80’s. In honour of women in horror month we salute the female written and directed romp of The Slumber Party Massacre. A group of young ladies gather together for a night of pot, booze and pizza but what they get is a denim clad – drill waving maniac that’s dead set on ruining their night. Love is funny that way.

Dead Air Ep 44 – Sleepaway Camp

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In episode 44 of DEAD AIR Wes and Lydia tackle one of the most notorious camp slashers in horror movie history. When people talk about twist endings there are few films that will blow your hair back like 1983’s Sleepaway Camp. Angela and Ricky head off to summer camp. It should be a fun few weeks of swimming, boating and if you’re lucky a little summer lovin’. Sadly, this place has an abundance of jerks who want nothing better than to torment poor Angela who just might be too shy for her own good. When campers start succumbing to a strange series of accidents it’s clear that something just isn’t quite right at Camp Arawak. Also in this episode; Wes gets derailed as he talks about learning to watch horror in a group and Lydia reveals a shocking truth from her past that will leave you as speechless as the film itself!


Dead Air Ep 43 – Vampire Lovers

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In the forty third episode of Dead Air – Wes and Lydia talk about the first in the classic Hammer Karstein trilogy; Vampire Lovers. Carmilla has set her sights on the beautiful Emma and is welcomed in to the Morton home with open arms. Soon Emma falls ill to a mysterious illness that seems to be sucking the very life from her. Also, Wes and Lydia talk about the rise and subsequent fall of Hammer horror and its enduring legacy.