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Dead Air Ep 82 – The Entity

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Very challenging to do a funny Crypt-Keeper-esque post about this film so I’m not going to try. On today’s episode Dead Air tackles the shocking film that’s based on a true story; The Entity.

Carla is a single mother raising three kids while holding down a job and studying in school when without warning she is sexually assaulted by a seemingly invisible presence. This marks the beginning of a harrowing and brutal account of a woman who’s life and family are brought to the brink of absolute terror by a malicious and despicable entity.

Desperate, Carla attempts to make sense of this senseless violence all the while she is surrounded by doctors and friends who question her very sanity. It’s not until she meets a team of paranormal psychologists that she realizes this isn’t insanity but a very real menace. What can be done? Is there any hope? Find out – now!

Dead Air Ep 81 – Psycho

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Good evening. On today’s tale we take a look at a woman with money issues and a man with mommy issues as Dead Air discuses Alfred Hitchcock’s undeniable classic; Psycho.

A bit of impulsiveness gets Marion Crane in a boat load of trouble as she steals 40,000 dollars from her employer. Now on the run and headed to her boyfriend in California she makes a little pit stop at the Bates Motel. However, Marion finds out too late that the proprietor of said motel, Norman Bates, is a boy only a mother could love. Even with the help of a private investigator nobody can seem to be able to track down Marion and when the hired help ends up missing – Marion’s boyfriend and sister take it upon themselves to confront mild mannered Norman Bates and his mysterious invalid mother.

Dead Air Ep 80 – Motel Hell

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It’s a radical hypno-high all the way to episode 80 of Dead Air where Wes and Lydia take in the 1980 film; Motel Hell. A movie so far out it’s got wings!

Terry is a regular girl going out for a joyride with her boyfriend Bo when sudden bike trouble leads her to the care of a kindly farmer and his family that run a big farm/ Motel service. Terry recovers and is otherwise unaware that Farmer Vincent is making short work of any would be travelers heading down the lonely road just outside his property then plants them still alive in a nearby secret garden. When Farmer Vincent and Terry grow closer she grows closer to the terrible secret that it does take all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent’s fritters!

Dead Air Ep 79 – The Houses October Built

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Grab a beer and head to the RV because Dead Air is extending Halloween by one week so we can travel to The Houses October Built!

A group of friends looking for the ultimate experience in annual Halloween haunts sets out for a country wide tour of fear but as each haunt fails to give them the high only true terror can create they start following a series of mysterious clues that elude to the one true extreme haunt experience known as Blue Skeleton.

Soon on their journey they start noticing that their travels have garnered the attention of some not so friendly faces hidden behind masks of the very haunt workers themselves and as they grow ever closer to their destination it becomes obvious that the only thing to fear is ending up dead!