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Dead Air Ep 87 – Terror Train

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Woo Woo! All aboard the Dead Air Podcast! For our last episode of 2016. We’re ringing in the new year with the 1980 slasher; Terror Train.

A group of college grade med students are planning on celebrating New Years Eve in style as they board a private train. Destination Boozeville with stops over in Sexland and Drugstopia. Little do they know their collective pasts are coming back in a big bad way.

As the party derails in to a bloodbath it’s a nonstop rush on the midnight express where your life is the only ticket that’s about to get punched.

Dead Air Ep 86 – Black Christmas

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Do you hear what I hear? A pod, a pod, casting in your ears it will bring you loads of bloody cheer!

On today’s episode of the Dead Air Podcast we finally take a look at the grandfather of all slashers, the 1974 film; Black Christmas.

Jess and her sorority sisters are packing up and getting ready to head home for the holidays and not even a series of strange vulgar phone calls from a man named “Billy” can spoil their revelry. However, in this picturesque house a creature was stirring and the morning reveals one of the sorority sisters, Clare, has gone missing. Her father, boyfriend and closest friends can’t find any trace of her and with news of the disappearance of another local girl the police are just as baffled. Everyone’s a suspect as bodies pile up. Black Christmas gave the world the first true slasher. It’s a story of murder, mayhem and a tortured killer that’s closer than anyone could imagine.

Dead Air Ep 85 – The Woman In Black

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On today’s episode of the Dead Air Podcast, Wes and Lyida head up to Eel Marsh house in search of peat bog bodies and instead find the 2012 film; The Woman In Black.
Arthur is a mild mannered lawyer and although his life has seen some significant personal tragedy his firm is giving him an ultimatum: close down the Drablow estate, or find a new job.

A long trip to the isolated village of Crythin Gifford brings him to the fabled Eel Marsh house but before too long a series of strange events see the local’s children dying in uncanny accidents that are more than they appear.
Soon, Arthur begins to discover the tragic history behind the old Eel Marsh house that spawned an undying hated that grips this town in fear.

Dead Air Ep 84 – Eraserhead

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Another fan request gets Wes and Lydia Lynched! Episode 84 brings you the 1977 head-trip; Eraserhead.

Henry’s romantic entanglement with Mary lands him on a straight path to fatherhood but his world seemingly is falling apart around him with an ominous dark moon in the sky, mounds of soil everywhere he goes – killer sperm and dancing ladies in the radiator! All of this would be bad enough but he also has to contend with a baby that looks like a strange creature with an incessant cry.

The surrealist film that launched David Lynch’s career that has had people talking for decades will be dissected worse than an alien fetus by two people barely qualified to use scissors!