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Dead Air Ep 125 – Wishmaster

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Tell us, do you wish for your Friday to be full of bloody entertainment? Done. We bring you Ep 125 of Dead Air where we gaze deep in to the fire opal to bring you 1997’s; Wishmaster.

An Evil Djinn is banished to a gem centuries ago by a clever wizard. Now in the modern day a series of unfortunate accidents lead to its release. He picks up right where he left off. Collecting souls for wishes that cause death and mayhem. His ultimate goal? To get the person who freed him to make three wishes so that he and his fellow Djinn can be released upon the world.

It’s a gory who’s who of horror and it all starts now!

Dead Air Ep 124 – Leprechaun

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There once was a Podcast called Dead Air that wanted to celebrate St. Patrick’s day with appropriate fanfare. Something that they could count on, that’s far from a yawn! So they settled with 1993’s Leprechaun.

It’s magic and mayhem when a pair of unlucky painters come across the long lost gold of a vengeful and sinister Leprechaun.

Tory and her father who hired these workers to paint the house they just moved in to are unwittingly about to be under siege by a vicious little entity that will kill anyone who gets in his way. The only thing the hapless house workers will be wishing for is a quick death!

Dead Air Ep 123 – Beloved

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Love your hands, for they click the links to the Dead Air Podcast. Love Dead Air Podcast, for it brings you the 1998 film; Beloved.

Shortly after the American civil war, Sethe, a former slave and her teenage daughter Denver live in fear of a Poltergeist that has been terrorizing their family for years. The violent specter seems to meet its match when a man from Sethe’s past named Paul D comes to visit and manages to drive the sinister spirit away. Shortly thereafter a strange woman is found on their doorstep. She calls herself Beloved, As time passes they form a new kind of blended family and attempt to live their lives in peace. However, there is something different about Beloved. Something otherworldly and sinister. Slowly the past is revealed and what is found out will expose the horrific scars left by the slave trade. Scars that will never heal. Scars of supreme cruelty, desperation, tragedy and hatred.