Dead Air Ep 130 – The Evil Dead

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Episode 130 of Dead Air is bound in human flesh and written in Blood. Wes and Lydia tackle the long requested, 1981 film; The Evil Dead.

Ash Williams is a regular Joe out for a weekend getaway with his sister and friends. Their destination is a mysterious run down cabin. All seems well until Ash and his friend Scott find a reel to reel recorder. It turns out this cabin was used by an archeologist and his wife to research an ancient Kandarian book of the dead. However, once the recorded reading of a passage from the book is heard it unleashes the forces of hell on to the isolated spot.

Grab your boomsticks and rev your chainsaws! It’s the eye gouging, pencil stabbing exploration of the first entry in to one of the most beloved horror franchises in history!

Dead Air Ep 129: The People Under The Stairs

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It is time to clean house! Episode 129 of Dead Air brings you the 1991 Wes Craven classic; The People Under the Stairs.

Fool is a poor kid from the ghetto who’s family is on the brink of being evicted until his sisters boyfriend Leeroy convinces him to help rob the local slumlords that have been oppressing the community.

But once inside, Fool and Leeroy realizes that this is no ordinary house. Booby traps, bodies and a blood thirsty killer dog are what await them inside. Not to mention the shotgun toting, leather studded “Daddy” and the deranged, knife wielding “Mommy.”

These two are not just collectors of wealth, but people as well. People who are hungry, savage and kept under the stairs.

Nobody leaves this house of nightmares. Not ever.

Dead Air Ep 128 – Madhouse

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It’s a Madhouse! Wes and Lydia talk about this video-nasty filled with puppy power!

Theresa Vignette – Sibling Rivalry

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Theresa Sibling Rivalry

Today we’re released another Vignette leading up to the big release of Theresa’s first official arc “Where the Darkness Takes Me.”

Today’s post focuses on the Delgado brothers; Lucas and his older brother Dominic. Tragedy hit their family a few years before our story begins and has left them to rely on eachother.  This piece is written and drawn by the amazingly talented Chris Bugarin! Enjoy!