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Dead Air Ep 150 – Blair Witch

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Do you believe in stories about the Dead Air Podcast?

For our 150th episode we talk about the 2016 sequel to The Blair Witch Project, simply titled; Blair Witch!

For years, James has been haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his sister, Heather. Thousands of people and hundreds of hours where spent searching. Yet nobody could find a trace of her or her friends that left to film a documentary about the Blair Witch back in 1994. No trace until now.

A strange video uploaded to YouTube clearly shows the visage of Heather. Could she be alive after all these years?

James, his film student friend Lisa, along with several others head to the Black Forest to find answers once and for all. Soon, time and space cease to have meaning and it becomes obvious that those stories are true. Whatever forces brought them there refuse to let them leave alive.

Dead Air Ep 149 – The Blair Witch Project

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On March 9th, 2019 two podcasters in Ottawa, Ontario recorded an episode about the 1999 found footage film, The Blair Witch Project. One week later their podcast was found.

Heather, Josh and Mike head to the notorious town of Burkittsville, Maryland to film a documentary. You see, although the town is quaint and the people friendly, the town harbors a dark past that involves a woman named Elly Kedward. Known more commonly as the Blair Witch.

Upon Heather’s insistence the trio head to the woods for a few shoot locations. However, soon it becomes obvious that they are hopelessly lost. Scared and desperate the group runs out of food, water and patience with each other. Worst yet, the night brings with it howling voices, cackling and the sounds of children.

Something or someone is terrorizing them. Is it the locals? Or is it the witch herself? One thing is certain, they’ll never get out of these woods alive.

Dead Air Ep 148 – REC

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No matter what they say. Never. Stop. Recording.

Tonight on; While you were sleeping, Dead Air brings you episode 148 where we discuss the 2007, found footage masterpiece; REC

Angela is an intrepid young reporter, working on a night-shift segment of a local news station. She’s recording the nightly routines of the Barcelonian fire department, she gets shots of the firefighters eating and playing basketball. But, what she really needs is for them to get a call. She’ll get far more than she bargained for.

One such call does come in for a strange occurrence within an apartment complex. Once there, all hell breaks lose as police and emergency workers are quickly overcome by the bizarre violent behavior of the residents.

The doors are sealed by authorities, Angela, the remaining fire-fighter Manu and a collection of other survivors are trapped inside amidst claims of an infectious disease.

So, what was happening while you were sleeping? Violence, death and a desperate battle for survival.