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Dead Air Ep 135 – The Amityville Horror

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Today’s episode is an experience in terror and by the end, you will believe in 1979’s; The Amityville Horror!

After the Lutz family moves in to an idyllic home, where a grizzly murder had occurred just a year prior, They will live through the most terrifying 28 days of their lives.

Famously based on a true story that captivated the hearts and minds of people back in the 70s the film still stands as a pillar in the haunting sub-genre. Listen as Lydia makes the most bat-shit crazy summary of a movie ever!

Dead Air Ep 134 – Pet Sematary

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The soil of Dead Air’s heart is stonier! Episode 134 of Dead Air sees the conclusion of our second Stephen King-apalooza, with the 1989 film, Pet Sematary!

A move to the countryside seems like the perfect choice to raise a young family at least that’s what the good doctor Louis Creed believes. Their dream home however, is near a dangerous highway that has notoriously taken the lives of many of the towns dogs and cats over the years. So many in fact that down an old worn trail is a pet cemetery, where many people’s furry friends rest. Even their new neighbor, old Judd Crandall’s dog is buried there.

After an unexpected accident with his daughters cat, Creed would do anything to spare his child the conversation of the felines untimely death. Judd, has an idea. The real power of the Pet Cemetery. The power that lies far past the dead-fall. The power to bring back that which is lost.

There is another terrible accident, this time Creeds, young son. Could this mystical place bring back a person? Should it? What is the terrible truth of forcing someone to live their life again?

Grab your shovels and pickaxes. Dead Air will dig deep beneath the sour earth to find out if dead, truly is better.

Dead Air Ep 132 – Carrie

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If you have a taste for terror. You have a date, with Dead Air! Episode 132 kicks off our official Stephen Kingapalooza 2! We’re starting things off with the classic 1976 Stephen King adaptation; Carrie!

Carrie White is the girl nobody likes! Creepy Carrie they call her! Ostracized by her classmates at best and tormented at worst. The senior class gears up to celebrate prom when seemingly out of the blue the most popular boy in school, Tommy asks Carrie to be his date.

She reluctantly agrees, but her worst suspicions come to pass as a cruel prank is also in the works. However, her would be tormentors and cruel mother have no idea what Carrie is becoming and it will be the last mistake they ever make.

Sit back while Wes and Lydia talk about Brian De Palma’s masterpiece that would create an indelible mark on horror with Sissy Spacek’s portrayal of Carrie White.

Dead Air Ep 131 – Evil Dead (2013)

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Tut tut, it looks like rain! Episode 131 keeps the blood flowing with the 2013 remake: Evil Dead.

Mia and her brother David (along with a group of childhood friends) head to their old family cabin in hopes of helping Mia overcome her drug habit before it sends her to an early grave.

Once there, a foul smell and odd uneasy feeling overtakes Mia and it’s soon discovered that the basement has a horrific revelation. Mutilated animal corpses and bizarre totems amounting to some kind of witchcraft. All accompanied by some strange ancient book.

One curious friend, Eric, reads from this mysterious book and soon Mia’s attempt to kick the habit is the least of their concerns. The demonic forces have been awoken. One by one their souls will be taken.

In a sea of horror remakes, Evil Dead turned the water to blood and stands on a pile of limbs above the rest. It’s a no holds barred, tongue slicing, face carving, limb cutting, relentless blood soaked extravaganza!

Gas up your chainsaws, grab your nail-guns and don’t forget that handy crowbar! Dead Air is gonna make it rain – blood.