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Dead Air Ep 153 – Lord Of Illusions

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In a world where magic is real. Death is only an Illusion!
Episode 153 of the Dead Air Podcast brings us to the year 1995 where Clive Barker’s film Lord of Illusions takes us on a spellbinding journey to the outer reaches of horror!

Harry D’Amour is a private-eye with experiences in the occult. He’s brought to LA because a serious of strange and violent killings, seemingly linked the horrific events 10 years prior are threatening the life of a world renowned celebrity magician named, Swan.

Swan is a man who has made a dark pact with the forces of Hell and a long dead deranged cult leader named Nix for genuine magical abilities. However, Nix’s followers are still loyal after all these years and the ritual to resurrect him has already begun. Will Nix make good on his proclamation of “being born to murder the world?” Or will Swan and Harry show him who the true Lords of Illusions are?!

Dead Air Ep 152: Nightbreed

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Somewhere, closer than you might think, is a podcast that’s not on any map. Dead Air. Episode 152 brings us the cult classic; Nightbreed!

From the twisted mind of Clive Barker comes the story of Boone, a regular heartthrob in a tight t-shirt that’s been having bad dreams about killing people.

His psychiatrist, Decker convinces him that he is remembering genuine killings. However, Decker has his own agenda. Pinning Boone for a series of brutal murders he himself has committed!

The deception leads to Boone’s death and his transformation to one of the fabled “Nightbreed” super-human monsters of the night that dwell in the legendary city of Median. Deep below the earth.

Was this fate? Was Boone foretold in an ancient prophecy? Will he lead the Nightbreed to salvation? Or will the humans, rallied by Decker, eradicate them once and for all?

Dead Air Ep 151 – Digging Up The Marrow

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Episode 151 is here and it’s a secret world of monsters deep below the surface of Dead Air where we discuss the 2015 film Digging Up The Marrow.

Dead Air Ep 150 – Blair Witch

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Do you believe in stories about the Dead Air Podcast?

For our 150th episode we talk about the 2016 sequel to The Blair Witch Project, simply titled; Blair Witch!

For years, James has been haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his sister, Heather. Thousands of people and hundreds of hours where spent searching. Yet nobody could find a trace of her or her friends that left to film a documentary about the Blair Witch back in 1994. No trace until now.

A strange video uploaded to YouTube clearly shows the visage of Heather. Could she be alive after all these years?

James, his film student friend Lisa, along with several others head to the Black Forest to find answers once and for all. Soon, time and space cease to have meaning and it becomes obvious that those stories are true. Whatever forces brought them there refuse to let them leave alive.