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Dead Air Ep 205 – The Howling

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Somewhere on the internet. In this human jungle…it begins! Episode 205 of DEAD AIR! This time we discuss the 1981 werewolf classic; The Howling! Karen is an investigative journalist with a unique opportunity to corner infamous serial killer Eddie Quist! The encounter traumatizes her so much that she and her husband escape the an island community where everyone seems to be there for mental health reasons. Soon it becomes clear that Eddie is far more than human and has ties to this “colony.” What’s worst is Karen’s husband seems to run astray with the resident nymphomaniac, Marsha. Her support system crumbles around her and when she realized nobody on this island is what they seem, it just might be too late to escape!

Dead Air Ep 190 – The Perfection

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We now bring you episode 190 of Dead Air! This week we discuss the 2018 film, The Perfection!

Charlotte is a musical prodigy and alum from the prestigious Bachoff school that left years ago to care for her sick mother. When her mother finally succumb to her illness she returns to her former teachers and is introduced to Lizze the current star pupil of the Bachoff institute. The two women fall for eachother and take a trip through China, which ends with one of the women bloody and maimed. What follows is a bizarre and horrific story as these women come to terms with their past and must kill to ensure their future.

Dead Air Ep 187 – PontyPool

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Good morning listeners! You know here on Dead Air we take no prisoners. You know what I mean when I say that, right? Why, I mean we’re always standing up for truth, justice and the radiowaves. But be careful what you say. The word can turn and leave you stuttering and bleeding out on the cold concrete floor. All while the shambled masses gather at your door. To save yourself remember, kill means kiss. At least it does in the 2008 Canadian horror film; PontyPool.

Dead Air Ep 44 – Sleepaway Camp

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In episode 44 of DEAD AIR Wes and Lydia tackle one of the most notorious camp slashers in horror movie history. When people talk about twist endings there are few films that will blow your hair back like 1983’s Sleepaway Camp. Angela and Ricky head off to summer camp. It should be a fun few weeks of swimming, boating and if you’re lucky a little summer lovin’. Sadly, this place has an abundance of jerks who want nothing better than to torment poor Angela who just might be too shy for her own good. When campers start succumbing to a strange series of accidents it’s clear that something just isn’t quite right at Camp Arawak. Also in this episode; Wes gets derailed as he talks about learning to watch horror in a group and Lydia reveals a shocking truth from her past that will leave you as speechless as the film itself!