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Dead Air Ep 42 – Basketcase

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The wait is over! Sadly, episode 42 won’t answer the questions of life infinity and everything but it will tell you what happens when the 1980’s gives birth to home video and ushers in a period of prolifically in horror. This week we tackle the 1982 classic head trip; Basketcase. Two brothers that are joined at the hip have a murderous agenda that will take place on the mean streets of New York City. Also, we answer the question of what happened to all those Boglins.

Dead Air Ep 41 – Flatliners

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Dead Air Ep 40 – The Legend of Hell House

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Drinks have been had and the ball has dropped so why not nurse that hangover with Episode 40 of the Dead Air podcast. Wes and Lydia start 2016 with a bang (among other things) with the 70’s classic the Legend of Hell House. A group of people enter the famed Belasco house where sexual tensions are high and a hedonistic haunting threatens to consume everyone. Also, special thanks to our loyal listeners who have grown over the last year. Happy new years to you all!