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Dead Air Ep 54 – Necromentia

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We are all connected by this podcast…and pain but, mostly this podcast. On today’s episode of Dead Air Wes and Lydia take a look at revenge, demons, Satanism and the afterlife¬† in this criminally underrated indie horror romp.

Dead Air ep 53 – Suicide Club

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Before you listen to episode 53 of the Dead Air Podcast we have one question for you. Who are you connected to? The question that resonates with our characters as Japan is hit with an unprecedented wave of inexplicable suicides. Seemingly happy and well adjusted people ending their own lives en masse have the police force baffled and grasping for explanations. Stranger still is the grisly clues being left behind. The horrific events can’t seem to squash the national success of Dessert; a Japanese Idol band whose fun infectious tunes have everyone dancing but, of course these two things couldn’t be connected, could they? Also, Wes and Lydia answer fan questions about what sort of horror movie they would like to make. It all starts now!

Dead Air ep 52 – Pieces

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Episode 52 is exactly what you think it is! We’re back in the 80’s and it feels like we never left. This time to take on one of Lydia’s favourite movies from her childhood. The exploitation slasher, Pieces! A seemingly normal college is under siege by a trench-coated ne’er-do-well with a penchant for carving up nubile co-eds with a chainsaw. An intense investigation goes underway to stop this madman before any more fall victim. Full of insane kills and inexplicable scenes this movie is as fun as it is inscrutable!

Dead Air Ep 51 – Drag Me To Hell

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It may be April GHOULS day but this episode of Dead Air is no joke. Although, the movie is pretty funny I guess. Wes and Lydia discuss the triumphant return to horror for legendary director Sam Raimi with; Drag Me to Hell. In order to impress her boss for her next big promotion a young, kindhearted loan officers decides to get tough on an elderly woman way behind her mortgage payments. Desperate to stay in her home the old woman begs and pleads but going against her very nature young Christine says no. Angry and humiliated the woman curses her that in three days she will be dragged to hell to be devoured by the demon Lamia. Time is running out for Christine and she must figure out a way to reverse the curse but with her personal and professional life crumbling down around her it’s hard to tell where life stops and hell begins. Sam Raimi is true to form in this outrageous, ooey gooey horror comedy.