Dead Air Ep 90 – Pulse (Kairo)

Be careful what you “click” for! Pop in your floppies and log on to episode 90 of the Dead Air Podcast! Wes and Lydia enter the forbidden room with 2001’s J-horror classic; Pulse.

Two stories taking place in Japan simultaneously depict an odd set of occurrences where a member of a group of friends kills himself for no reason. Stranger still there is evidence of people logging on to this new-fangled thing called the internet that reveals a strange feed of various people looking depressed and erratic on webcams.

Soon it becomes obvious that the once bustling streets of Japan are becoming vacant and in the place of people there are only ashy black stains. The two tales converge when Michi and Ryo appear to be the only two people left in Japan and maybe even, the world!


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