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Dead Air Ep 66 – The Gate

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Prepare yourself! Episode 66 of Dead Air shreds its way through time and space to your very ears! On today’s episode Wes and Lydia answer the call with another fan requested fright fest in the form of 1987’s The Gate.
The family home of a young boy named Glenn becomes ground zero for Armageddon when a fallen tree is uprooted on his property that just so happens to create a portal to Hell. Now, Glenn, his sister Al and best friend Terry are all that stands between a pack of pint-sized demons and Hell on earth!

Also, Wes and Lydia discuss Dark Carnival and battle a Godlike fly.

Dead Air Ep 65 – Blood Widow

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When throwing a party it’s always considerate to inform your neighbors because, when your neighbor is the Blood Widow you’re in for more than a noise complaint. Episode 65 of Dead Air is here where Wes and Lydia review a modern day Slasher from Midnight Release. Laurie and Hugh buy a house and while Laurie has visions of a rural lifestyle of peace and togetherness Hugh, has visions of having the greatest party house ever. Tensions flare when the house fills with people intent on having a good time. However, When they manage to disturb a very disturbed woman lingering in an abandoned boarding house next door, well, heads, like the good times…will roll. Also, Wes and Lydia talk about old-school trips to the video store while Wes rants about reviewer scores.

Dead Air Ep 64 – Dream Home

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Picture the thing you desire most, now, what would you do to get it? Episode 64 of Dead Air sees Wes and Lydia sign the deed to the 2010 film; Dream Home. A seemingly ordinary woman named Cheng that has questionable taste in men and an impeccable work ethic has her heart set on a nearby luxury apartment but, how does one go about affording such a place during the worst housing crisis in Hong Kong’s history? Oh, I smell a massacre.

Dead Air Ep 63: My Bloody Valentine PLUS Our Bloody Interview with Jim Murchison

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O Canada! Our Horror loving Land~! Right now you’re thinking My Bloody Valentine on Canada Day? What?! That’s right, for those in the know MBV is the quintessential Canadian slasher from the golden era of the sub-genre and if that wasn’t special enough for you creeps, we got a double stuffed super special edition that includes an interview with one of the films stars Jim Murchison ! In three and a half hours we cover this film in detail and right after Jim takes us on an extensive behind the scenes journey to the town of Valentine Bluff! Happy Canada Day!