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Dead Air Ep 134 – Pet Sematary

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The soil of Dead Air’s heart is stonier! Episode 134 of Dead Air sees the conclusion of our second Stephen King-apalooza, with the 1989 film, Pet Sematary!

A move to the countryside seems like the perfect choice to raise a young family at least that’s what the good doctor Louis Creed believes. Their dream home however, is near a dangerous highway that has notoriously taken the lives of many of the towns dogs and cats over the years. So many in fact that down an old worn trail is a pet cemetery, where many people’s furry friends rest. Even their new neighbor, old Judd Crandall’s dog is buried there.

After an unexpected accident with his daughters cat, Creed would do anything to spare his child the conversation of the felines untimely death. Judd, has an idea. The real power of the Pet Cemetery. The power that lies far past the dead-fall. The power to bring back that which is lost.

There is another terrible accident, this time Creeds, young son. Could this mystical place bring back a person? Should it? What is the terrible truth of forcing someone to live their life again?

Grab your shovels and pickaxes. Dead Air will dig deep beneath the sour earth to find out if dead, truly is better.

Dead Air Ep 133 – Christine

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With our deep love of 50s music and muscle cars, it’s about time we get in and take a cruise in the good ol’ Stephen King’s classic – Christine.

Maybe it is more of our deep love for 80s horror and teenagers getting slaughtered! When Arnie met Christine it was like worlds colliding.

Then, she collided into every sad sack that did him wrong at school, and his boss, and his girlfriend, which stung because Christine was a giant shark of a car made of American Steel with a heart forged in Hell.