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Dead Air ep 53 – Suicide Club

Posted in Dead Air Podcast, Updates with tags , , , , , , , , on April 15, 2016 by splatterpictures

Before you listen to episode 53 of the Dead Air Podcast we have one question for you. Who are you connected to? The question that resonates with our characters as Japan is hit with an unprecedented wave of inexplicable suicides. Seemingly happy and well adjusted people ending their own lives en masse have the police force baffled and grasping for explanations. Stranger still is the grisly clues being left behind. The horrific events can’t seem to squash the national success of Dessert; a Japanese Idol band whose fun infectious tunes have everyone dancing but, of course these two things couldn’t be connected, could they? Also, Wes and Lydia answer fan questions about what sort of horror movie they would like to make. It all starts now!