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Dead Air Ep 130 – The Evil Dead

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Episode 130 of Dead Air is bound in human flesh and written in Blood. Wes and Lydia tackle the long requested, 1981 film; The Evil Dead.

Ash Williams is a regular Joe out for a weekend getaway with his sister and friends. Their destination is a mysterious run down cabin. All seems well until Ash and his friend Scott find a reel to reel recorder. It turns out this cabin was used by an archeologist and his wife to research an ancient Kandarian book of the dead. However, once the recorded reading of a passage from the book is heard it unleashes the forces of hell on to the isolated spot.

Grab your boomsticks and rev your chainsaws! It’s the eye gouging, pencil stabbing exploration of the first entry in to one of the most beloved horror franchises in history!

Dead Air Ep 48 – Maniac Cop

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You have the right to remain silent…forever. In episode 48 of The Dead Air Podcast Wes and Lydia wave that right and talk about what many consider to be the last of the great 80’s New York based slashers. On the mean streets of New York city life is cheap and a rash of murders is as common as seeing the Statue of Liberty itself. However, even in the city that never sleeps a killer over six feet tall dressed as a cop tends to grab attention. The citizens of New York are terrified of the wrong arm of the law and it’s up to Jack and Theresa to clear their names and stop this Maniac Cop before he kills again. It’s an all out war in the dirty rotten apple! Also, Lydia shares with us the horrors of working in the hotel industry.