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Dead Air Ep 127 – The Visit

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Time to hop in the car, we’re taking you to grandma and grandpas house! M Night Shyamalan prepares us for The Visit!

After 15 years of estrangement a mother is ready to make amends with her parents. First step is to allow them a week long visit with her two children whom they’ve never met.

An idealistic country setting and two doting grandparents are everything these two young teens could want. In the beginning it’s a fun retracing of their mothers childhood. However, all is not well.

Pop Pop and Nana are steadily demonstrating bizarre and confusing behavior. At first it’s attributed to their advanced age but something isn’t right. In fact it’s very wrong.

In the end Becca and Tyler will find out why they shouldn’t leave their rooms after 930 PM, and why they should never go down in the basement.

Dead Air Ep 47 – Condemned

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Coming hard on episode 47 of Dead Air. In this episode Wes and Lydia discuss the recent movie Condemned. A film strangely absent from horror outlets but all over mainstream media. A rich girl finds her way to her boyfriend’s place in New York after she can no longer take the problems she faces at home. Little does she know that her man is squatting in a condemned building with a strange assortment of other people from the wrong side of the tracks. They become locked in against their will and must fight to escape as each one of their former roommates succumbs to a mysterious and violent infection.