Dead Air Ep 46 – Repulsion

In episode 46 we get deadly serious and class the place up a little as we talk about the 1965 Roman Polanski film, Repulsion. The first in what would be dubbed the “Apartment Trilogy” which includes 1968’s Rosemary’s Baby and 1976’s The Tenant. Polanski takes us through a quiet and subtle journey through two weeks of a woman’s life. For many in Carol’s life she just seemed quiet and perhaps a little detached. They could never understand the burning psychological trouble she faced on a daily basis. A world she finds so terrifying and repulsive that she eventually feels backed in to a corner and when it comes to fight or flight, Carol decides to fight! Also Wes and Lydia bare their souls to you, the listening audience as they discuss personal issues that can make traversing everyday life a little tricky.

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