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Panels of Blood Ep 11: Mars Attacks! Part 4

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It’s time for part four of our reading of Mars Attacks! General Zar’s revenge is almost complete aside from a few pockets of resistance the earth is doomed! Issue four takes us through a history lesson that shows the martians interacting with us for hundreds of years but, is it the humans or the martians that are the true aggressors? Find out, now!


Panels of Blood Ep 9 – Mars Attacks! Pt 2

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We’re back with part two of our Reading of Mars Attacks! A crash landing in the 60’s breeds an unending hatred that leads to a full scale invasion of earth. The scariest thing of all is the martial invaders have been with us for years. Hiding with access to top levels of power from all over the world.

What can the human race do to survive? Who shall rise as our heroes during the Earth’s darkest hour? Find out, now!

Panels of Blood Ep 8 – Mars Attacks Pt 1

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It’s time for an invasion! Panels of Blood starts reading the Mars Attacks book “Attack From Space!”

Flying saucers, robots, giant insects, brains, blood, guts and lasers! The earth is doomed!

Dead Air Ep 36 – Hardware

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Booting up episode 36 of the Dead Air podcast. Wes and Lydia discuss Richard Stanley’s Hardware. The Mark 13 is the military’s meat mangling mechanical monster. It’s a trippy and poetic post apocalyptic cyber punk romp in to a hellhole where no flesh shall be spared! Also, Lydia recounts a traumatic event from her childhood and Wes tries on some new nicknames.