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Dead Air Ep 60 – Cabin Fever (Bad Audio)

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WARNING WARNING: We have some bad audio in this episode. Not sure what happened but we figured it was better to give you a shitty sounding episode over no episode. Forgive us! We make up for it by talking all about the 2002 infection splatterfest Cabin Fever. A group of recent college grads head up to a cabin to enjoy a week of sex, drinking and fun but an encounter with a very sick local wondering in the woods exposes them to an aggressive infection that eats them from the inside out. Can any of them escape back to civilization before time runs out? Also we talk extensively about Lydia’s upcoming projects.

Dead Air Ep 38 – Clown

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In episode 38 Wes and Lydia paint their faces and put on their circus inspired best as they watch the criminally underrated Clown. An ordinary man finds a clown costume locked in a basement and wears it to his kids birthday party. He should have checked the warning label! Side effects include: pale skin, vomiting and murderous hunger pangs! The cure? Eat five children and call us in the morning.