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Dead Air ep 56 – From Beyond

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It ate him! Who do you ask? Find out on today’s episode of Dead Air! The team from Re-Animator reunites for the 1986 body horror classic; From Beyond.

Dead Air Ep 55 – Tetsuo: The Iron Man

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Do you feel it? Beneath the skin something sharp and jagged threatens to erupt from your flesh! It’s episode 55 of Dead Air and we’ve got Shinya Tsukamoto’s classic body horror masterpiece; Tetsuo: The Iron Man. Tetsuo finds himself inexplicably turning in to a man of living metal after a fateful encounter with a stranger who is deliberately pushing a metal rod in to his body. Who is this man and just how far will Testuo’s transformation go? Is there any hope of him turning back? All of these questions will be answered! Also, Wes wonders about Inspector Gadget’s dick. Later on Lydia paints a nightmare picture of relentless blowjobs from Elmo.