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Dead Air Ep 141 – Dark Skies

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Ep 141 brings us back to our alien overlords! Complete with a first hand UFO story from Lydia’s own father! Then we take you to the house of Blum and look at the 2013 Alien Abduction film; Dark Skies.

A typical middle-class family on an idealistic street go about their daily lives until a baffling series of late night occurrences start to shake the very foundation of their well-being. Before long it’s clear that the disturbances are not of this world and that one member of the family in particular has been targeting for abduction.

Dead Air Ep 58 – Oculus

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A house divided against itself cannot stand! This week Wes and Lydia are certainly divided on the Blumhouse spookfest; Oculus. Oh boy is the snark strong with this one! An antique mirror possessed by an unknown entity drives a normal family to the edge of madness that ends in bloody murder. Years later the two surviving children are reunited with one of them intent on keeping the vow they made as children; to destroy the mirror once and for all.