Dead Air Ep 82 – The Entity

Very challenging to do a funny Crypt-Keeper-esque post about this film so I’m not going to try. On today’s episode Dead Air tackles the shocking film that’s based on a true story; The Entity.

Carla is a single mother raising three kids while holding down a job and studying in school when without warning she is sexually assaulted by a seemingly invisible presence. This marks the beginning of a harrowing and brutal account of a woman who’s life and family are brought to the brink of absolute terror by a malicious and despicable entity.

Desperate, Carla attempts to make sense of this senseless violence all the while she is surrounded by doctors and friends who question her very sanity. It’s not until she meets a team of paranormal psychologists that she realizes this isn’t insanity but a very real menace. What can be done? Is there any hope? Find out – now!

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