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Dead Air ep 52 – Pieces

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Episode 52 is exactly what you think it is! We’re back in the 80’s and it feels like we never left. This time to take on one of Lydia’s favourite movies from her childhood. The exploitation slasher, Pieces! A seemingly normal college is under siege by a trench-coated ne’er-do-well with a penchant for carving up nubile co-eds with a chainsaw. An intense investigation goes underway to stop this madman before any more fall victim. Full of insane kills and inexplicable scenes this movie is as fun as it is inscrutable!

Dead Air Ep 45 – The Slumber Party Massacre

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It’s time to get in to your Jam-Jams as we continue to wade through the slasher boom of the late 70’s – 80’s. In honour of women in horror month we salute the female written and directed romp of The Slumber Party Massacre. A group of young ladies gather together for a night of pot, booze and pizza but what they get is a denim clad – drill waving maniac that’s dead set on ruining their night. Love is funny that way.

Dead Air Podcast ep 32 – Halloween 2 (commentary track)

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This is Halloween This is Halloween…two! This week we’ve concocted a witches brew for this Halloween weekend in the form of the second part of our commentary track. This time we take a look at what many consider to be the perfect sequel to the perfect slasher; 1981’s Halloween 2. So grab your popcorn, line up your copies of the film at home and listen along as we take you scene by bloody scene! for more episodes of dead air check out

Dead Air Ep 25: Prom Night (1980)

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Get your cummerbunds and corsages ready because Wes and Lydia are heading to Prom! In this episode we talk all the way up and down the 1980’s classic Prom Night with a brief pit stop at the beginning to chat about makeup effects pioneer Jack Pierce.