Panels of Blood Ep 11: Mars Attacks! Part 4

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It’s time for part four of our reading of Mars Attacks! General Zar’s revenge is almost complete aside from a few pockets of resistance the earth is doomed! Issue four takes us through a history lesson that shows the martians interacting with us for hundreds of years but, is it the humans or the martians that are the true aggressors? Find out, now!


Panels of Blood Ep 10: Mars Attacks Pt 3

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It’s a giant insect all out attack on Panels of Blood! We tackle the third chapter of Mars Attacks: Attack from Space!

Years of planning have given the Martians untold advantages over the seemingly doomed human race. Biological tampering have made the very insects that crawl among us their latest weapon in their global assault! The insect insanity starts now!

Dead Air Ep 103 – I Drink Your Blood

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Let it be known that Satan, was an acid-head! Let it be known, sons and daughters of Satan, that meat pies mixed with dogs blood is a bad trip! Let it be known that death by hydrophobia, is agony! Let it be known that the 103rd episode of Dead Air, we cover the 1970 film; I Drink Your Blood!

Sylvia and her Grandfather live in a sleepy abandoned town in the middle of nowhere, along with young Pete but, when a roaming group of satanic hippies decide to make an abandoned Hotel their home, they drive what little residence is left in the place mad, with their violence and disregard for the law.

After a particular brutal encounter, the youngest of them, Pete, decides to get revenge by feeding the trippy hippies with some rabies infested food. That, combined with LSD is a recipe for sex, brutal violence and a madness that will spread to everyone left in town, until nobody is left alive.

Panels of Blood Ep 9 – Mars Attacks! Pt 2

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We’re back with part two of our Reading of Mars Attacks! A crash landing in the 60’s breeds an unending hatred that leads to a full scale invasion of earth. The scariest thing of all is the martial invaders have been with us for years. Hiding with access to top levels of power from all over the world.

What can the human race do to survive? Who shall rise as our heroes during the Earth’s darkest hour? Find out, now!