Dead Air Ep 201 – The Ring (2002)

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Sun comes up, we live and we cry. Sun goes down and we all listen to today’s episode of Dead Air!

Episode 201 continues our celebration of all things us and horror. We tackled the two pillars of J-Horror Ring and Ju-On. Now we discuss the remake of The Ring in 2002. Inarguable the film that caused the J-horror boom of the early 2000’s

Rachel is a tough as nails investigative journalist who, when her young niece dies mysteriously, sets out to figure out what could have ended her life and the life of her friends. She will discover a cursed videotape that claims if anyone watches it they will die in seven days. The curse will envelope Rachel and her entire family. Then it’s a race against time before the curse comes to pass and they all die. Rachel along with her ex husband Noah will uncover the dark and twisted origins of the tape that will bring them to a sleepy island town and rumors of a little girl who never sleeps. Samara. Can they uncover the truth and save not only their own lives. But the life of their son!? find out!


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They  say that when someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage, a curse is born. That curse lingers in the place of death. Those who encounter it will consumed by its fury.

We’ve made it all the way to episode 200 and there is no film better to tackle on this momentous day than one of Japan’s biggest horror exports: Ju On: The Grudge. As we celebrate all things that are Dead Air we discuss a film that made me Shudder! One of the foundational films that caused the J-horror boom in the early 2000’s

At a sleepy suburban home in Japan a family is mired by tragedy. Social workers, cops and urban explorers go missing once they cross the cursed threshold of this home. Anyone who lives there or tries to help is killed mercilessly through a twisted story of time and space not limited by the laws of the universe or the mercy of the Gods. A quiet night curled up watching Netflix could end with Kayako crawling under your blankets to pull you to oblivion. 

Please enjoy and from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for 200 episodes of DEAD AIR! 

Dead Air Ep 199 – Curtains

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Behind every curtain is an episode of Dead Air podcast! For episode 199 we discuss the baffling but very fun slasher, 1983’s Curtains! 

 Jonathan Stryker is a big shot auteur director and his next role promises to make whoever lands it one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Over a snowy weekend in his secluded mansion, six women will compete in a bizarre series of  sexually charged auditions to see who is going to land the role. Each one of these women are at various stages of their careers and desperately want the part. Some, even willing to kill for it! 

Dead Air Ep 198 – Ringu

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I wonder if you’d heard this rumour about a strange episode of a podcast that’s been passed around lately? They say once you listen to it you die seven days later. Today, pop in your VHS and press play of episode 198 of Dead Air! Finally Wes and Lydia discuss the 1998 film – Ring (Ringu). 

Reiko is an investigative journalist covering a story of a mysterious video that’s been circulating amongst teens in the area. It’s said that if you watch the tape you die. When her own niece suddenly dies while spending a quiet evening with a friend in her home – she’s set off to discover the video for herself. 

Upon viewing it strange things start to occur and she ponders the tapes true origins. To make matters worse her own son will view the tape taking the deathly end to this course from curious possibility, to unacceptable truth. Reiko and her ex husband are now racing against the clock. Not just for her life, but also the life of their child. However, the curse and its origins are darker and more evil than either of them can understand. Until it’s too late.