Dead Air Ep 138: Friday the 13th Part 3 (commentary track)

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Deep in the month of October, Dead Air is taking you back to warmer days with the 1982 classic Friday the 13th Part 3. Like our other Halloween specials this is a scene by scene commentary track so grab your copies of the film and listen as we take you through scene by scene. Talking about such relevant things like what the most Gothic cheese is.

Chrissy and her friends head up to her families cabin for a weekend getaway. It’s weed, booze, sex and fun for all of an hour before the nomadic Jason Voorhees returns to his old stomping grounds, enraged by a recent defeat at the hands of some other meddling kids.

The first and only film in the franchise to be presented in glorious 3D, it has the distinction of Jason donning his famous hockey mask for the first time. Embedding one of the single most iconic images in horror in our collective consciousnesses forever.

Dead Air Ep 137: Friday the 13th: Part 2 (Commentary Track)

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The month of October is upon us and that means it’s time for a special commentary track ep of Dead Air! Starting with 1981’s classic; Friday the 13th part 2. A film that gave the world one of the most recognizable killers in cinematic history.

It’s been five long years since the massacre at the infamous camp blood. Only fools would ever dare open the grounds again. Yet, not far in a neighboring camp a group of camp councilors prepare to start the summer season.

However, even though Mrs Voorhees lost her life when she lost her head, rumours say that her son Jason, never really died that day 35 years prior, and lurks somewhere deep in the woods.

Dead Air Ep 136 – The Haunting In Connecticut

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Tune in to Ep 136 of Dead Air and your eyes will likely never close again, mostly because they can’t. Today our morbid mediums talk about the 2009 film; The Haunting In Connecticut!

Young Matthew has been diagnosed with a terminal cancer and the grueling drives to get experimental treatment are likely to kill him faster than his illness. His mother makes a decision to rent a home nearby, A home that was once a funeral parlor and home to a powerful boy medium.

No sooner do they move in than grizzly visions start to plague Matt. The visions point to an even more gruesome and tragic fate of those who used to live here.

Power can come from the dead, but beware! The dead will come to take that power back!

Dead Air Ep 135 – The Amityville Horror

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Today’s episode is an experience in terror and by the end, you will believe in 1979’s; The Amityville Horror!

After the Lutz family moves in to an idyllic home, where a grizzly murder had occurred just a year prior, They will live through the most terrifying 28 days of their lives.

Famously based on a true story that captivated the hearts and minds of people back in the 70s the film still stands as a pillar in the haunting sub-genre. Listen as Lydia makes the most bat-shit crazy summary of a movie ever!