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Dead Air Ep 67 – House

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Ding dong! You’re Dead! It’s episode 67 of the Dead Air Podcast and with that comes this spacious four bedroom home. It’s located in a quiet suburban neighborhood with friendly neighbors, elegant decor, an in ground pool and a backdoor in to another dimension! Monsters, demons and spirits will drive you mad and attempt to shuffle you off this mortal coil faster than you can say MORGUE-age! in the 1986 horror comedy House; a rock-star writer named Roger inherits a house that seems like the perfect place to finish his next book but just as he settles in he realizes that the cracks in his own troubled psyche have invited more than a few unwanted guests. Also, Wes and Lydia talk the business of writing – inspiration, agents and income!

Dead Air Ep 66 – The Gate

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Prepare yourself! Episode 66 of Dead Air shreds its way through time and space to your very ears! On today’s episode Wes and Lydia answer the call with another fan requested fright fest in the form of 1987’s The Gate.
The family home of a young boy named Glenn becomes ground zero for Armageddon when a fallen tree is uprooted on his property that just so happens to create a portal to Hell. Now, Glenn, his sister Al and best friend Terry are all that stands between a pack of pint-sized demons and Hell on earth!

Also, Wes and Lydia discuss Dark Carnival and battle a Godlike fly.

Dead Air ep 62: The Stuff

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Enough is never enough of The Stuff! We hope you’re hungry because we’re serving up a big ol’ bowl of Dead Air! This week it’s a fan requested film in the form of the 1985 killer junk-food movie; The Stuff! A seemingly irresistible new food product has hit the streets all across America and while some people seem content to wolf it down in huge quantities others are noticing that fans of this freaky foodstuff are acting as if under the control of something sinister. Certain people see through the shiny 80’s ad campaigns and start questioning just what is in The Stuff? It would appear to be a seamless mesh of horror, action and comedy that won’t add to your waistline!

Dead Air Ep 17: Nightmare City!

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In this episode Wes and Lydia head to the Nightmare City. Secrets revealed about how much of a scaredy-cat Wes is and that Lydia is the woman without fear! Also, Wes gets on his high-horse about film-making!