Dead Air Ep 108: Tales From The Darkside: The Movie

Pass us that dusty tome and we’ll tell you a tale, a tale of episode 108 of Dead Air where we discuss the 1990 Anthology classic Tales from the Darkside: The Movie!

Little Timmy is determined to remain off a witches supper table by distracting her with her favourite stories from an old book. A story of vengeance at the hands of an ancient mummy. Another where a hired assassin is paid to take on a cat from Hell! Rounding it up with a tragic love story between man and beast! Will these tales be enough to keep this young man off the menu? Or is it curtains for the little brat? Find out as Wes and Lydia discuss their love of Egypt, old timey technology, and Garfield!

2 Responses to “Dead Air Ep 108: Tales From The Darkside: The Movie”

  1. Kraig Khaos Says:

    Just heard the latest episode. Recently , Waxwork Records released the Tales From the Darkside vinyl on 3 variant colors all based on the 3 stories. I got “The Cat From Hell” color.
    I can’t wait until the Sabrina Panels of Blood episode.I know when it started, they were kind of sporatic with their releases of the issues, but I really enjoy all of the Archie Horror series. (Lifelong Archie comics fan). The Jughead: The Hunger one-shot was great. Can’t wait for the on going series to start in October.

    • Hey Kraig! Thanks so much for listening! I saw the Waxwork release. I tell yah, it’s really hard to not to buy them when I see those gorgeous records. I gotta keep telling myself “You cannot start collecting another thing”

      I’m glad you’re diggin’ Panels of Blood! The CAS episodes should be a lot of fun. In many ways it’s darker than Afterlife. I’ll be covering the first volume soon!

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