Dead Air Ep 95 – Lights Out

Somebody hit the lights! Wes and Lydia tackle a fan requested film in the form of the 2016 horror hit; Lights Out.

Rebecca has growing concerns as her younger brother Martin seems to be unable to stay awake in class. Moreover, he seems absolutely resolute about no longer staying with their mother, Sophie, in her home. He speaks of Diana, a name Rebecca also remembers from her own childhood.

Poor Diana only wants a friend. Unfortunately Sophie seems to fit the bill. Not only is Diana a creepy presence with a phobia of photons, she has razor sharp claws, superhuman strength and one bad attitude.

It seems their mother never lost a playmate from her own troubled youth and as they try to free her from Diana’s vice like grip, the shadowy presence becomes increasingly violent. Bloody will flow, eyes will be gouged and bodies will pile up. All in the name of friendship, and family.

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