Dead Air Ep 93 – Cronos

Before he blew our minds with wildly inventive films like: Pan’s Labyrinth, Devil’s Backbone and Crimson Peak and busted every block with films like: Blade 2, Hellboy and Pacific Rim, the master of monsters Guillermo Del Toro debuted on the scene with the 1993 film; Cronos.

Jesus Gris is a groovy grampa that owns an antique shop that he runs in a seemingly carefree existence with his wife and granddaughter. However, one day a mysterious statue reveals a strange golden, clockwork object known as the Cronos device.

After a series of encounters with a man named Angelm Jesus begins to suspect that the Cronos is far more than it seems. Ever since lodging its stinger in to the old man’s hand he seems younger, more vital and happier. But with a sinister urge to drink blood.

As Angel’s employer relentlessly pursues the Cronos device, Jesus discovers bit by bit that his humanity is slipping away. The device that seemed like a Godsend is now a curse that will transform his very being.

Also, Wes and Lydia read you a creepy tale of the untoward with Lydia’s new book Pray Lied Eve 2!

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