Dead Air Ep 72: The Collection

Another episode of Dead Air to add to your collection! Wes and Lydia rig your minds to blow with the 2012 film; The Collection. The notorious and deadly mass murderer known simply as the Collector is back and this time it’s personal! During a night of clubbing a young affluent woman named Elana is kidnapped by the Kevlar masked killer and with a little help from her father’s sizable bank roll a crack team of specialists are hired to bring her home. It’s then that they turn to Arkin the only known person to escape the clutches of our insane trap happy madman. It’s a pressure sensitive, spring loaded stomach turning dead-fall in to oblivion against one of the most dangerous killers ever put on screen. Also, Wes and Lydia talk videogames and upcoming projects as well as a little trip to a video store!

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