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Panels of Blood Ep 1: Vampirella Pt 1 – Feast of Shadows

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Episode 1 of Panels of Blood takes you on an oral journey through the pages of the 2014 Nancy Collins run of VAMPIRELLA. Enjoy, like comment and share.

Big thanks to Chris Bugarin for the new art and Rick Hunter for composing the new theme music. You can find his stuff here
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Alice Hearts Welsh Zombie (Ottawa, ON June 16th 2012 Book Premier!)

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One of the new things we are going to be doing here at splatterpictures is not only shine the light on some fantastic home grown Canadian filmmakers but also moving on to authors as well. As i’ve said often; horror is alive and well in Canada and has been for many years. Even though I love horror content from all over the world there will always be a special place in my heart for stuff coming out of my own backyard. Check it out!

Hey all are you from Ottawa Ontario and looking for a super cool way to spend your Saturday June 16th!?

Here’s the details!
Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies
by Victoria Dunn
AKA Victoria Higgins and Meghan Dunn

Saturday, June 16th, 7:00 to 10:00 pm
Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeebar
1242 Wellington Street West (at Holland)
Ottawa (613) 722-1265

I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy of the book yet but I can tell you the writers seem like wonderful people who are true fans of the genre here is their synopsis!

The World Bog Snorkelling Championships in Wales is being menaced by shambling hordes of the undead. Fortunately for bog sport enthusiasts, Alice, the former telephone psychic, and Welly, the mostly indestructible man, head up Odyssey International’s Enforcement branch, dedicated to stomping out the supernatural. But Alice and Welly might not even make it to Wales because a fervent zombie rights activist has stowed his zombie best friend in their plane’s luggage compartment. Now the zombie plague is spreading at 25,000 feet, complicated by the moral dilemma that zombies just might be people too! Decaying, infectious, bitey people…

There is also going to be a super fun Zombie Beauty contest, so dress up as a zombie and show up!