Dead Air Ep 99 – Scarecrows

Bale some hay and break out your tin snips. Wes and Lydia get stuffed on Episode 99 of the Dead Air Podcast, with the 1988 film; Scarecrows.

A paramilitary group robs a base of 3.5 million dollars and after hijacking a plane they are set to fly off to spend their fortune. However, a betrayal by one of their own sees them find their way to a strand abandoned farmhouse that’s surrounded by scarecrows. It’s a race against time to find their money and get back to the skies. Soon though, their traitorous friend shows up stuffed with straw, not alive but but quite dead and it becomes obvious that these scarecrows are more than just decoration. Can they escape with their lives against an increasing horde of sack-boys with sickles or will they soon be strung up like the rest?

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