Dead Air Podcast Ep 18 – Wrong Turn 2

Wes and Lydia take a wrong turn…two. Also Lyds talks about her new book Nightface 2

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  1. […] After listening to my pal David Fairhead interview Joe Lynch for Kettle Whistle Radio, I decided to try and get my hands on Everly (finally) and rent Ghoul. Ghoul had been on my watch list as I was drawn to the idea of the spirit of Andrei Chikatilo coming back. A family favourite film in the Peever household was Citizen X (1995) for a time, and the story of the most dastardly serial killer of all time really stuck with me. Couldn’t find a way to see Everly though. If you like Joe Lynch though, we did cover Wrong Turn 2 on Dead Air. […]

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