Dead Air Podcast Ep 11: The Loved Ones

Wes and Lydia talk about The loved ones, collecting plastic and the similarities between torture porn and Die Hard

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  1. Off topic but- what was the very first horror film ever made? Is it available and could you review it if it is?

    • It’s believed by a lot of people that the first horror film may never truly be known, given the fact that so much has been lost from that era. However, Le Manoir du diable or The haunted Castle from 1896 is largely credited as the first Horror film ever made. It’s very short,

      There are several others from that era. Filmmaker in that time was a lot of experimentation. They are really more like something you’d see a first year film student accomplish within a five to ten minute run-time. Still, it all had to start somewhere.

      • Thanks, I really enjoy your podcast and now I am starting to become interested in learning about the stories and history of different types of movies.

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