Dead Air Ep 152: Nightbreed

Somewhere, closer than you might think, is a podcast that’s not on any map. Dead Air. Episode 152 brings us the cult classic; Nightbreed!

From the twisted mind of Clive Barker comes the story of Boone, a regular heartthrob in a tight t-shirt that’s been having bad dreams about killing people.

His psychiatrist, Decker convinces him that he is remembering genuine killings. However, Decker has his own agenda. Pinning Boone for a series of brutal murders he himself has committed!

The deception leads to Boone’s death and his transformation to one of the fabled “Nightbreed” super-human monsters of the night that dwell in the legendary city of Median. Deep below the earth.

Was this fate? Was Boone foretold in an ancient prophecy? Will he lead the Nightbreed to salvation? Or will the humans, rallied by Decker, eradicate them once and for all?

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