Dead Air 207 – A Tale of Two Sisters

The sunlight fields surrounding a picturesque house seems warm and inviting. A little slice of paradise we like to call home. Welcome back to Dead Air! Today’s episode we discuss one of the most famous films to come out of the Asian horror boom of the early 2000s. 2003’s; A Tale of Two Sisters.

After a long time, Su-mi and her sister Su-yeon return to their fathers home in the South Korean country-side. Once there they are met with their cold and cruel step-mother, Eun-Joo.

Things get off to a rocky-start and soon more than their step-mother seems off with their childhood home. Horrible dreams of a nightmarish ghost plague Su-mi and one bad thing happens after another. This all leads to a startling revelation that will deeply have Su-mi questioning not only her own memories but, her very understanding of reality itself.

One of the single most influential Korean horror films ever made that seamlessly blends intense drama and horror while maintaining a fairy-tale atmosphere. A Tale of Two Sisters is simply perfect.


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