Dead Air Ep 198 – Ringu

I wonder if you’d heard this rumour about a strange episode of a podcast that’s been passed around lately? They say once you listen to it you die seven days later. Today, pop in your VHS and press play of episode 198 of Dead Air! Finally Wes and Lydia discuss the 1998 film – Ring (Ringu). 

Reiko is an investigative journalist covering a story of a mysterious video that’s been circulating amongst teens in the area. It’s said that if you watch the tape you die. When her own niece suddenly dies while spending a quiet evening with a friend in her home – she’s set off to discover the video for herself. 

Upon viewing it strange things start to occur and she ponders the tapes true origins. To make matters worse her own son will view the tape taking the deathly end to this course from curious possibility, to unacceptable truth. Reiko and her ex husband are now racing against the clock. Not just for her life, but also the life of their child. However, the curse and its origins are darker and more evil than either of them can understand. Until it’s too late. 

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