Dead Air Podcast Ep 196 – 1922

In 2022, a man’s pride was a man’s podcast… and this episode of the Dead Air Podcast! We discuss the 2017 Stephen King adaptation of 1922!

Wilfred is a simple man of the land, eking out a living with his wife and son. His wife owns a valuable and large piece of land that combined with Wilfred’s land is extremely valuable. His wife has ambitions of selling all they have and moving to the big city. Wilfred believes that the city is for fools. Not only that but their teenage son is falling for the girl next door and has no desire to leave either. Only one person stands in the way of their peace, happiness and sizable property. Wilfred’s own wife. 

Murder, torment, disease and misfortune plague the Jame’s family more than the hoard of rats now calling their property home.

1922 will be the year of hell. 

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