Quick Update

angrynoose2Hey guys!

As you might have noticed I’ve reached 100 posts on the site. Along with that splatterpictures is approaching it’s 2 year birthday Within that we’re going to be moving forward with a few new things.

First off I’ve decided to finally make a facebook group. I did this for two reasons. One, it’s just easier for people who wish to make comments on posts and share their opinions about the content of the site (for better or worse). Secondly I did it to remove a lot of self promotion on my personal Facebook account. Some of my friends just don’t give two shits about horror. The site is here http://www.facebook.com/Splatterpictures

For those of you enjoying Scott’s horror corner, the good news is we’re keeping him on as my promise for more consistent content. I personally think he’s been doing a fantastic job while I was away.

Lastly, this secret project I’ve been working on. Well it’s still secret. I’m afraid legally not much has changed but I will say that next year (2014) all will be revealed. Maybe even a little earlier. It depends on a lot of factors.

Before I go I want to thank everyone who reads this site. I honestly, couldn’t be happier. A special shout out to those who’ve donated over the last few months. Remember all funds are 100% for the site! Thanks again.

-Dead Air.

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