Check out Patron Saint of Plagues: Things ARN’T What They Seem

I’ve been following PSOP for just a short time but I like their sound and their style. Not only is it awesome that they are Canadian but this video drops just in time to help you enjoy the Halloween season! I’ve often said that music and the horror community are so intertwined it’s ridiculous. These guys Ooze the culture and are providing us with a pretty bad-ass soundtrack at the same time.  A good friend of mine over at Ottawa Horror (and if you’re not following them then I suggest you get with the program!) had some fun things to say you can check out a little sample!

“Filmed mainly at the Ottawa Jail Hostel, some of the best footage you see was filmed at night – on death row – leading up to the witching hour. Right about the same point in the song that your heart stops beating, the filming crew and band were feeling the effects of sixteen hours shooting at the most haunted place in Ontario.
So buckle the fuck up cuz here, things arn’t what they seem…” –

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