World War Z re-shoots (Ruh-Roh)

Never a good sign at all when a film that has already been shot is going back for re-shoots. World War Z was probably one of my favorite books of all time and if anybody hasn’t read it yet I recommend you do so without hesitation. When it came to the idea of a movie being shot about it I was really interested in two things. One; how much of the book could they fit in to one movie and two; why the hell is Brad Pitt in it?

Those questions will have to wait though because the release date is being pushed back about a year which is sad because it was supposed to come out this December.

It’s things like this that makes a films budget balloon out of control when you consider everything involved with making that happen. I guess the silver lining to anybody looking forward to this is that at the very least they are trying their hardest to get the best possible product out the door. Or at the very least throwing money at it.

Paramount has grabbed Damon Lindelof who was the guy who did the script for Prometheus. Which I hear has plot problems. I also remember he was the dude who did Lost and I find it funny that he has been asked to  fix the third act of the film which apparently isn’t testing well. I think the third act of Lost was what everybody hated the most.

Anyways, like I said if you haven’t read the book I wouldn’t bother waiting for the movie. Read it now! You shan’t be disappointed.

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