Deliverence from Evil (A horror look ahead)

Here at splatterpictures we love independent horror. It’s fantastic to see people out there just making movies with whatever they got.

Right now I want to direct your attention to Deliverance from Evil brought to us by the good folks at Pumpkin Patch Pictures. Just looking at the trailer I think this one has potential. Good practical special effects and that last shot was actually pretty creepy. check it out.


Mike  (Jose Rosete) and Linda Sanchez (Angel Aviles), a young married couple, have just left everything behind on the East Coast and moves to San Francisco with their toddler son, Cory, Everything seems fine on their fights night as they are just happy to finally own their very own home. But when they lose their son in the house in a tragic accident, they begin to realize there is a very evil presence in their new home. An evil presence that dosent want them there. Soon, Mike and Linda are forced to come to grips with the supernatural reality that is haunting them…

I’ll be sure to give a full review once I get my hands on a copy when it gets released  this March.


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